Joining the Middleburg Fencing Club

How do I join?

You can apply to join MFC by contacting us through the e-mail address above, or by coming to a practice session to meet the Club members in person.

Club Dues

Because we don’t maintain a club coaching staff or electrical equipment, MFC has low costs at present. Club participants can either pay a floor fee of $10 per session, $20 per month, or $100 per year.

USA Fencing Membership

All club participants must maintain an active membership with USA Fencing ("Noncompetitive" if you are only going to practice with the club or "Competitive" if you intend to compete at sanctioned competitions). The club is provided liability insurance by USA fencing provided all club members maintain USA Fencing membership. Individuals trying the club are permitted one session without having to have a USA Fencing Membership but those individuals must fill out a one-time membership waiver.