Middleburg Fencing Club is Formed

The Middleburg Fencing Club (MFC) is an uncoached club made up of foil and epee enthusiasts who wish to improve their conditioning and fencing skills through intensive skills development, club-level training bouts and regional competition, has entered into an agreement with The Middleburg Academy for the use of their cafeteria for Middleburg Fencing Club activities. MFC is intended to be an uncoached member’s club that will initially meet once a week on Wednesday’s from 6:00PM to 7:00PM with beginner fencers encouraged to arrive at 5:30PM. Each gathering will start with warmup’s, a period of structured skills training/practice and end with open fencing both electric and dry. The club is being formed and managed by Richard Pantel, Turner Smith and Jim Salacain. We seek like-minded individuals who also want to advance their fencing excellence though purposeful training, competition and camaraderie. Anyone interested in learning more about the Middleburg Fencing Club should e-mail us at info@middleburgfencing.com